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National League gems 17/18

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To many people, non-league is an abyss, a wasteland of over the hill cloggers and youngsters who didn’t quite make the grade higher up the food chain. And whilst (Macc aside!) there weren’t any outstanding teams in the National League this season, there are some fine players who could certainly make it at a higher level.

Here are five of the players that stood out for me when I saw them play against Macc this season:

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Macc Town player ratings 2016/17

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A strange season, which saw us within touching distance of the play-offs for much of the season, without ever looking likely to break into the top 5. A ninth place finish was not a disaster by any means though.

The FA Trophy run was a bright spark, with a battling victory over Tranmere in the semi-final the high point. The Wembley showpiece was a step too far, as a Jon Parkin inspired York took home the trophy after a 3-2 win.

Rhys Browne celebrates scoring the Silkmen’s opener                                                               Image – Copyright Chelsie Wilson 2017

These are my thoughts on how each player performed in 2016/17 – all players started the season as a 5/10.

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Macc Town player reviews 14/15

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These are my thoughts on how each of Macc’s players performed in our excellent 14/15 season. Although we fell just short of the play-offs, a sixth place finish (the highest since 04/05), we had the third best home record in the league and the most points for 17 seasons.
All players started the season as a 5/10

Featured image
The Cheshire Senior Cup was captured for the first time in 15 years

George Pilkington A superb season from the ever dependable stopper, deservedly rewarded with players and fans player of the season. Continued to show that football intelligence and a reading of the game can make up for a lack of physicality. Held together a defence that kept 18 clean sheets and adapted well to playing with different partners. Well respected and will have a role in coaching younger players, hope to see him next season. 9/10

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Lancaster University sports articles

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Just having a quick look around and stumbled on these:

I used to help the sports section of the Lancaster student newspaper produce articles for the paper as well as the website

Have a good look – over 60 articles to chose from 

Social Media #ynwa #cham21ons

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This blog will discuss football and the use of social media; fair enough it is nice to involve fans and can be a good marketing tool, but interaction should have a limit.

This was prompted by something I have seen at Manchester City a couple of times this season, something that is so hideous and embarassing; the ‘cityzen half time centre circle selfie’. The deal is that a couple of lucky cityzens are plucked from the crowd and have their moment in the sun, terrible.

To  make it worse, half time is littered with a stream of tweets that flash up on the digital advertising space on the middle tier; drivel along the line of ‘Silva is on fire’ and ‘hope we can avoid any injuries in the second half’.

Players have also waded into the action, with Rio Ferdinand the latest to fall foul of an FA ban. It has also propelled Joey Barton to new to a new found level of fame that his on-field performances certainly do not warrant.

The Magic Of The FA Cup

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The FA Cup is well underway for another season, as the extra-preliminary round unfolds. The BBC is littered with interesting tales and stories of mangers come chairman come groundsman come centre-fowards.  All this is welcome coverage and shows the the FA cup is still  a popular  competition.

However, an idea my dad has often had is the scrap the qualifying rounds and simply throw all the sides in at round one. Just think of the fun as Manchester United roll up at FC Romania in late July. This would give the sides way down in steps 11 and 12 of the pyramid a chance of national radio and TV coverage, a full house, and the chance to take on the big boys as equals.

What do we all think?

‘The Best League In The World’

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The Premier League began in earnest today, after a superb World Cup in Brazil and with a raft of expensive signings costing over £360 million. Chelsea have strengthened with the addition of two Spanish stars, Arsenal have made another marquee signing similar to Ozil last summer, Manchester City look to have finally got a partner for Kompany, Liverpool have bought well to replace the irreplaceable Suarez, and LVG has been recruited to jolt RVP and co back into some form.

What about the other 15 teams? Well they have been busy as well; Everton have made a statement with the £28million signing of Lukaku, Spurs have added quality and Stoke will hope Bojan can finally fire in senior football.

Goal line technology is here to stay, with the addition of the wonderful shaving foam the other referees aid this season. Howard Webb and Alan Hanson have gone, Lawrenson remains….

The problem is that the ‘Best League In The World’ is that the it is very difficult to look past Chelsea or City for the league. The top 4 looks to be a closed shop, with Tottenham, United and Everton looking on from below. There are a raft of clubs like Stoke and Newcastle who will be glad of mid-table, and the new boys will be battling in out with average sides like Villa, Crystal Palace and West Ham. Who will be the surprise package, the Ipswich of 2014/15?

Managerial Merry-Go-Round Begins

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As I tuned in for my weekly dose of Manish Bhasin on Saturday evening the goals were flying in, debut heroes and scapegoats were being established, and ‘we are top of the league’ chants were echoing around stadiums from Bournemouth to Middlesbrough.

There are always teams who get off to a stinker; new players take time to gel, we only signed him last week so he’s not fit, the coach was delayed so we only got here at 2.30, a couple of deals fell through late, the budget won’t allow for another goalkeeper, we can’t afford experienced players, we just need a tall quick striker who can score 20 goals a season, we were a bit ring rusty, it was a big step up, it’s always difficult going to places like……..

Despite most likely trotting out these and a few more, Mark Robins lost his job as Huddersfield manager after a 4-0 reverse to Bournemouth on the opening day. I hear Michael Appleton is in the frame. Despite being the man that saved Fergie and started an evil dynasty that has ruined vast portions of my childhood, it is difficult not to feel sympathy for Robins.

There were 37 managerial casualties in the 92 football and premier league clubs in 2013/14. Each manager also has his staff of choice, with over 125 coaches leaving their club last season. This is a ludicrous level of turnover and financial waste.

The Sky Sports fueled state of constant crisis that every football club appears to be in, is damaging the game. Instant success is demanded, the result being endless wastage on mediocre players at the top level, and a horrendous culture of safety first football in lower levels such as League 2. As a Macclesfield fan, I can tell you that some of the sides in that league are paralyzed by fear of the dropping into the Conference, and thus produce sides of direct, hard running athletes, rather than footballers.

So next time your team are 2-1 down, please resist the temptation to call for the manager’s head, because chances are you will be doing the same thing to his replacement in 6 months time.

Vanishing Spray

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The pantomime reaction of those inside Wembley watching a one sided Community Shield between Arsenal and Manchester City marked the occasion. The first use of a simple yet highly beneficial technology, the shaving foam.

The positives, well rehearsed training ground routines and hours of practice are not stopped by cynical cheating. Leighton Baines is going to get close to 200 points on fantasy football this season

The negatives, possible long-term damage to multicolored football boots everywhere and no excuse as your side fails to score a free-kick for the fourth consecutive season.

Next step – give the linesman a canister to stop full-backs nationwide stealing 10 yards on every throw-in.