Treyew Road – Truro City FC

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Ground number 136

First Visit = 16-1-16 Truro 2-2 Macclesfield (FA Trophy 2nd Round) 6/10


There were certainly mixed emotions amongst the Macclesfield faithful when Truro away came out of the hat for this second round game, with a 619 mile round trip not everyone’s idea of a relaxing day trip.

The ground itself is just outside the city centre (in walking distance for a quick look at the cathedral and chance to grab a pasty). It is a fairly new ground and although tidy enough, there isn’t a great deal of character about the place, the locals make up for that though!

It has everything you would expect of a side that get in the region of 300-400 each week, but it is clear that as they risen through the leagues, different things have been added to satisfy those eagle eyed ground graders. There is also a good bar and separate area for match-day diners, which must have been doing something right judging by the empty plates of the travelling fans.

Overall, there are a few bits that need doing, but you can forgive this as Truro will be moving home after the 2016-17 season if all goes to plan. Hopefully they can avoid the lego stadium look and avoid the unfinished feel of some new grounds.

The picture gives it away though, my favourite bit has to the official (just in case there was any imitators about) Truro City FC car wash, was doing a roaring trade. However, I can’t recommend it or otherwise as driver for the day Rob Wilson’s car remained in showroom condition despite clocking up the miles.


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