Notts County Programme Review 2015/16

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Programme from Notts County v Mansfield 14-8-15

A very slick looking programme in A5, handy for coat pocket size for this season, an improvement on the square effort of the last couple of seasons. The overall feel of quality gives it an edge despite some fairly standard content.
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PRICE: £3 for 68 pages.

CONTENT: A concise round up about Mansfield gets the balance right between information and overkill. There is some interesting content from the football in the community team. An interesting interview with the new sports analyst at the club [hard to believe a League 2 club has someone in this role!]. A review of the Notts County ladies FA Cup final defeat. The review of the youth teams and reserve sides provides a good summary.

BEST ARTICLE: A 6 page section with small pen pics for each team in League 2 this season: a good source of information if you haven’t been following other teams in the league over the summer months.

ADVERTS: 20 pages



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