Altrincham 1 – 0 Macclesfield (FA Trophy 1st Round) 13-12-14

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Game number 49 of the season

The second installment of this fierce derby game this season, the second at Moss lane, and the second feeble surrender by the Silkmen, this time not at the expense of three points, but progress in the premier non-league cup competition.

The omens were not good as the team was announced, with several changes, the most debilitating of which saw a midfield pair comprising an untested ex youth player and a central defender. This left the defence exposed all match, something that Alty were able to exploit after just 2 minutes; Reeves waltzing through the centre of the pitch and fire the ball past a stranded Braningan.

The remainder of the game saw Macclesfield second to every ball, with Alty looking marginally better than during the first meeting in the league. There was almost no flow to the game, with numerous petty fouls and misplaced passes and hopeful long balls.

Surely things would change when Askey utlisized his substitutes and introduced Danny Whitaker into the fold. A man who has pulled the strings in the Silkmen midfield for years, with a cool head and an eye for a pass. Cue a disappointing ten minute cameo that culminated in a sending off that can only be described as laughable. There is limited contact, Danny is far from being the last man and the striker is able to take two large strides before crumpling to the floor. Anyway, I am biased so please take a look for yourselves and comment below:

Have a look here at 5mins 20secs;

The remainder of the game seemed to drift by for me in a disgruntled haze,until finally the referee was able to put us out of our misery and for the second time in a few months I was forced to trudge out of Moss Lane feeling dejected. We owe them one on the Moss!

Entertainment = 3/10


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