Hillsfield – Rocester FC

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Ground Number 126

First Visit – Rocester 2-1 Causeway (Midland Football League Premier Division) 15-11-14

Another ground that lies within the hour and yet for some reason we have avoided until now. With the extremely foggy journey over the hills there was concern that we may arrive to find the game called off.

Thankfully it was a clear day in Rocester, which provides an excellent setting for a football match. The village itself seems fairly idyllic and the ground is set in a semi rural environment, with Arkwright’s mill dominating the skyline. If there was no game on then the whole area would be almost silent, with few people or cars passing by. If you were unlucky and picked a lackluster game then there is plenty of scenery to take your eye.

The facilities are excellent for a club that finds itself at level 9 of the English game. There is a vast car park and inside the ground there is a welcoming club house. As is often the case in non league, most fans seem to avoid these like the plague and instead brave the cold weather.

The remainder of the ground is tidy, but basic. There is the obligatory rail running round the pitch, with a very sparse collection of advertising boards dotted around. There is a small covered standing area on the opposite side to the clubhouse, with the a roof that you convince yourself will take the top of your head off should you stand underneath. The seated stand is a funny one, set someway back from the playing surface to the left of the players tunnel. Unfortunately this seemed to have put the locals off, and only a handful made use of the seats.

One feature that is always welcome and much needed is a good pie hut. I don’t always use them at ‘new grounds’ which is why you are not treated to a review each time! There was a good choice of hot food and very reasonable prices and another favourite of mine, the proper mug.

Overall a tidy ground which looks well maintained and is more than sufficient for the level, added to the fact that we also we saw a good game, means that we may well be back in future.


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