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This blog will discuss football and the use of social media; fair enough it is nice to involve fans and can be a good marketing tool, but interaction should have a limit.

This was prompted by something I have seen at Manchester City a couple of times this season, something that is so hideous and embarassing; the ‘cityzen half time centre circle selfie’. The deal is that a couple of lucky cityzens are plucked from the crowd and have their moment in the sun, terrible.

To  make it worse, half time is littered with a stream of tweets that flash up on the digital advertising space on the middle tier; drivel along the line of ‘Silva is on fire’ and ‘hope we can avoid any injuries in the second half’.

Players have also waded into the action, with Rio Ferdinand the latest to fall foul of an FA ban. It has also propelled Joey Barton to new to a new found level of fame that his on-field performances certainly do not warrant.


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