Curzon Ashton 0 – 0 Workington – Evo Stick Premier Division – Tuesday 2nd September 2014

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Game 17 of the 2014/15 season

A late decision (again) to go to this one, ahead of Atherton Colls in the FA Cup or New Mills in the League Cup, wrong choice! Curzon are usually a pretty safe bet to produce a decent game of passing football, but they failed to serve up anything here. Both sides will be disappointed with their performances, although the point will come in handy for the pair.

Although I am reluctant to criticize referees, tonight’s man in black lost control of the game very early on and struggled to maintain order throughout. There were several tackles put it after the ball had gone, and the niggly tactic of leaving a foot in at any opportunity. Instead of making a statement and making an early booking, he allowed things to deteriorate, and as a result the game lacked flow.

The closest we came to a breakthrough, saw a Workington player stationed on the post struck by a close range volley; block would be giving him too much credit, but still job done I suppose. Other than that the game seemed to be a mix of 2-3 pass moves, petty fouls and players mouthing off at the officials.

One redeeming feature that always helps improve the appreciation of a Curzon game is their excellent programme shop. There is an excellent selection of league and non-league issues which are steadily getting more organized over the seasons. Well worth a look if you ever go to a game, be sure to give yourself 45 minutes before the game for a proper browse.

There was also an interesting example of gamesmanship, which was remarkable considering the level. At half-time Curzon seemed keen to show off their integrated sprinkler system, fair enough. What did seem a bit rich to me was that they ignored the end they were defending and gave the end they were attacking a nice soaking, obviously aiming to make life difficult for the Workington custodian. I think justice was done with the clean sheet for the away side.

Entertainment = 4/10


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