Weybourne Road – Sheringham FC

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Ground Number 124

This was a close call, with an incorrect postcode and being hidden behind a two storey leisure centre not helping matters.  Thankfully, a last ditch attempt after a half an hour drive around the lovely seaside town of Sheringham paid off.

The ground is very basic, but this is to be expected; but £3 entry fee does smooth over any problems here. It is the typical concrete wall, rail around the pitch with 30 watt light bulbs for floodlights.There is a small stand across from the dugouts, all standing apart from one bloke who brought his own chair along. This has two steps and has a nice backrest to lean on, made from a scaffolding pole, which bent worryingly in the middle throughout. The next ground improvement would be to pave all the way round the pitch, to prevent frostbitten toes in future.

The football club also share a modern pavilion with the cricket club and this certainly finishes the ground off well. Again this was reasonable, with a much needed hot chocolate for just 70p. 

It is also refreshing to see that no matter what level you watch a game at, there are always people that will stand just outside the ground and peer over the fence and watch for free, but at least in this case they swiftly returned the ball after an errant shot threatened to knock them off their perch.


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