Sheringham Town 2- 5 Norwich CEYMS – Tuesday 26th August 2014 – Almary Green Anglian Combination Premier Division

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Game 15 of the 2014/15 season

My first and no doubt last fixture in the Anglian Combination Premier Division, the eleventh tier of English football, one below the North West Counties and equivalent to the Cheshire League. At the opposite end of the spectrum from the City Liverpool game of the Monday evening.

As always, this game started off at break neck tempo, with neither side being able to retain possession, and a distinct lack of quality on show. It was also noticeable that there were players of all different shapes and sizes, a feature that seems to be disappearing from the higher levels. The Norwich striker Allen and Sheringham’s #7 in particular, were the sort of player that give fans hope that despite carrying a little weight, they can make it as players; typically these players stand out and again this proved to be so, as Allen bagged a brace. Norwich were also able to provide us with a 6ft 6 substitute, who was strangely effective as left winger.

During one break in play attention turned to the important matter of trying to work out what CEYMS could stand for on the Norwich shirt. Four days later and with Wikipedia to thank, we have Church of England Young Men’s Club. Another favourite of this sort of game is count the crowd, with did not prove time consuming. After a double check to get our facts right, we arrived on 39 spectators, good job we turned up!

With seven goals you can’t usually go wrong, and this was no exception. It was also nice to see the goals shared around, and with all from open play. A couple of taps ins are to be expected, but there at least three well executed finished after team moves; something that would have been fitting of a much higher level.

After a shaky start this turned out to be a thoroughly entertaining game, with the away side running out as deserved 5 – 2 winners. Man of the match was definately the Norwich #6, although in the absence of a team sheet, or any away fans his identity will remain a mystery.

Entertainment = 6/10


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