Town Field – Barnton Rovers FC

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Ground number 120

first visit = Barnton v Ashton Town (2nd August 2014) Vodkat North West Counties Division One

A first season at this level for Barnton at step 6 of the non league pyramid. In quite an unusual location, down a non-descript looking path that leads to a modern church, there is not much of a give away that a football ground lurks a matter of yards away. Another ground lacking in turnstiles, but does have a little hut for the gateman. Bit of a surreal moment as I quickly recognized the Barnton warm up goalkeeper as someone I played with a bit at uni.

This ground takes non-league to a whole new level; the fans were friendly enough, and the pitch decent, with a good pie hut. However, I’m not quite sure how they been accepted into the league. There are several things missing that seem to have been a feature of all clubs we have visited in the NWC. Firstly there are no floodlights, fine if we are in early August, but once the nights start to close in or they have a midweek game I don’t see how it can work. There was also a complete lack of seating, and even worse, half of the perimeter rail was fenced off meaning we couldn’t walk all the way round.

It’s not all bad though, the rail around the pitch means you are very close to the action, and there are a couple of decent sized covered standing areas for the locals. We will probably be back but hopefully some improvements will be underway by then.


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