ASA Tirgu Murges 2 – 3 Macclesfield – 10th July 2014 – Friendly

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Game 1 of the 2014/15 season – after a busy summer of world cup viewing, 67 matches in 2013/14 and the very real prospect of not having a team to go and support come August.

A very picturesque if slightly unusual setting to watch a football game, sat on a grassy bank at Mottram Hall Country Club and Hotel, with a gathering of golfers, agents, walkers, half of the Apoel team who had played there earlier, and live on Romanian TV via one precariously position cable. If we ever have to sell the Moss then this would be ideal for me every week.

For a friendly there were some hefty tackles flying in, with Kissock starting off the fun with a full blooded lunge after about five minutes. It was also interesting to see the officials linked up with their fancy walkie talkies, can’t see that happening in the conference any time soon.

The first friendly always has a bizzarre mix of trialists, youth teamers and those weren’t good enough to get a move to somewhere better, and this did not disappoint. The first x1 we were fine with, but the bench was anyone’s guess, even veteran kit man Etch couldn’t shed much light on the mystery men for us.

Another feature of the friendly is that in your mind you are wielding the axe as if you were the manager. One misplaced pass or weak tackle and you have ruthlessly dismissed another player to roam the world of non league. Often these are the players that end up signing for you, like Jimmy McNulty (who has since gone on to greater things, since his nightmare debut in a 4-0 rout at Southport). 

Equally as confusing as the identity of our new number 16, was the format of the game. Who needs halves when you can have thirds? Slightly hazily timed thirds, with something like 85 minutes played.

Highlight of the game has to be the two tracksuit bottom wearing substitutes that played the final ten minutes for Murges; pretty sure they were just coaching staff having a run out. Oh and Macc won 3-2.

Entertainment = 5/10


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