Managerial Merry-Go-Round Begins

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As I tuned in for my weekly dose of Manish Bhasin on Saturday evening the goals were flying in, debut heroes and scapegoats were being established, and ‘we are top of the league’ chants were echoing around stadiums from Bournemouth to Middlesbrough.

There are always teams who get off to a stinker; new players take time to gel, we only signed him last week so he’s not fit, the coach was delayed so we only got here at 2.30, a couple of deals fell through late, the budget won’t allow for another goalkeeper, we can’t afford experienced players, we just need a tall quick striker who can score 20 goals a season, we were a bit ring rusty, it was a big step up, it’s always difficult going to places like……..

Despite most likely trotting out these and a few more, Mark Robins lost his job as Huddersfield manager after a 4-0 reverse to Bournemouth on the opening day. I hear Michael Appleton is in the frame. Despite being the man that saved Fergie and started an evil dynasty that has ruined vast portions of my childhood, it is difficult not to feel sympathy for Robins.

There were 37 managerial casualties in the 92 football and premier league clubs in 2013/14. Each manager also has his staff of choice, with over 125 coaches leaving their club last season. This is a ludicrous level of turnover and financial waste.

The Sky Sports fueled state of constant crisis that every football club appears to be in, is damaging the game. Instant success is demanded, the result being endless wastage on mediocre players at the top level, and a horrendous culture of safety first football in lower levels such as League 2. As a Macclesfield fan, I can tell you that some of the sides in that league are paralyzed by fear of the dropping into the Conference, and thus produce sides of direct, hard running athletes, rather than footballers.

So next time your team are 2-1 down, please resist the temptation to call for the manager’s head, because chances are you will be doing the same thing to his replacement in 6 months time.


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