BHG Sports & Social Club – Ball Haye Green FC

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Ground number 121

first visit= Ball Haye Green v Leek Town (6th August 2014) Friendly

No idea why I haven’t managed to make this one before, just a mile through Leek town centre and 25 minutes from home. An unconventional ground, with no turnstiles, a huge social club dwarfing the facilities, a large factory down one side of the ground and a car garage on the other.

Several excellent quirks:

– the most poorly stocked pie hut I have ever come across, with the usual drinks and the only food option being a 2 finger kit-kat; Redeemed itself by serving in mugs (something last treated to at Abbey Hey several years ago).

– a total of four seats, all of which are dining room chairs; the upside of course is they offer a choice of sitting position.

– an excellent value admission of £2, which included raffle ticket.

– a high tech broom stick to retrieve footballs from a row of stubborn trees behind one goal. At least fifteen minutes hard graft in the second half were rewarded with the recovery of a new seasons match ball and £30 quid saved.

Overall, an enjoyable game and a nice surprise to see such unusual features, definitely an antidote to the identikit modern stadium. 


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